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drive scout 4 mobility scooter

300lb Capacity

$110/3 Days, 1 Week/$150, 

2 Weeks/$200, 3 Weeks/$250,

1 Month/$300, 6 Weeks/$350.

  • Renters/Purchasers must be able to lift and manipulate 75 lbs. (The approximate weight of the base minus the seat and battery.)

  • Mobility scooters require a $250 refundable security deposit as well as a valid credit card to be held on file.

  • Mobility scooters intended for use on indoor smooth, dry surfaces.  

  •  Scooters not for use for crossing busy streets, uneven sidewalks, gravel, wet surfaces, mud, sand, or dirt.  Or any surface that is not dry, smooth and indoors.

  • Not for rent for use on college campuses or prolonged travel (Greater than 1/2 miles one way) on non-smooth, non-dry surfaces.    

  • Battery life is approximately 4-6 hours depending on passenger size.

  • Recharge takes approximately 4-6 hours.

  • Renters are responsible for management of battery life, charging, and experience.  Direct Mobility is not responsible for dead batteries, stranded scooters, or malfunction.  Each scooter is fully inspected prior to delivery.  Renter accepts scooter and all liability for issues, damage, or injury.